To work efficiently and produce maximum output, your solar panels need regular cleaning.  

Solar Panels create energy from the light source of the sun and anything that restricts the light hitting your solar panel, will reduce the energy produced.

It is very important to note that the solar panels need to be professionally cleaned so that spots and minerals do not cause build up.  Just think about your car. If it is parked outside, it gets dirty and if you just spray water on your car it will not get clean and will dry with spots and will look worse that it was before you started. We are dedicated to keeping your solar panels clean allowing them to work at their optimum levels.

Sparkle cleaning contracts offer plans and packages for all system sizes and budgets. Please contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

When they installed my system no one said anything about cleaning my solar panels?

Solar energy has been around a while now but residential installations are still fairly new. The manufacturing and installation companies are learning continually about what is required to maintain these systems.

Doesn't rain clean my solar panels?

We do have plenty of rain in Ireland but does it clean your car or your windows?  Rain absorbs traffic pollution, smoke from chimneys, dust and dirt from the air and deposits it on your solar panels, so proper cleaning is still required.

Why not do it myself?

Most people do not want to go up on their roofs and lack the equipment to do it safely, even if they do have the motivation! We have the tools to safely reach your panels and the expertise to get them sparkling clean without causing any damage.

Does cleaning really make much difference?

Over time dust, algae and debris can accumulate on your solar panels reducing their efficiency. Some people have reported an immediate increase in panel efficiency of up to 30% after cleaning, although we’d expect the average improvement to be less. However the cost of cleaning should be offset many times over by the increased output.

Does cleaning invalidate my warranty?

No, just the opposite! Regular maintenance of your solar panels will protect your warranty and is recommended by the manufacturer.

Does it cost a lot to clean my solar panels?

Pricing is based on the size of your system, accessibility to your solar panels and availability of a water source and power.  For most residential applications, the one time cost is between £20 and £40, however there are discounts for quarterly and monthly contracts.

Our expert cleaning services are available across Belfast & Lisburn including the areas of Malone Road, Four Winds, Andersonstown, Edenderry, Newtownabbey, Dundonald, Thaxton  village, Carryduff, Hilden, Lagmore, Dunmurry, Moneyreagh, Gilnahirk, Knockbreada, Lisburn, Stranmillis, Antrim Road, Glengormley, Glen Road, Lambeg and Moira.

  • Customer Feedback

    Sparkle are a brilliant company and I've recommended them many times already. The guys are friendly, hard working & really professional and they managed to clean windows that none of my previous cleaners could reach.

    Four Winds

  • Customer Feedback

    Thanks again Patrick, I didn't realise how bad my gutters were until you started cleaning them - It makes my whole house look brighter now!

    Glen Road

  • Customer Feedback

    Pat has been my regular window cleaner for over 3 years now and he always does a great job. He turns up every month like clockwork all year round.

    Antrim Road

  • Customer Feedback

    I would highly recommend Sparkle Cleaning to anyone seeking a professional cleaning company. They are prompt, work quickly and provide excellent results.

    Lady Wallace,

  • Customer Feedback

    Patrick and his team are always very professional and reliable. They've worked for me on a few projects over the last 18 months and I've never once been disappointed.


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